About Us

The post deals with the Production of Service and Feature Films. It was founded in 2014 by an experienced online artist Jacek Skrobisz. We are located in Mokotów, near the headquarters of TVP. We are able to offer comprehensive image post-production. Full range - from color correction via offline, online, to broadcasting files to the station. The provided image is present at every stage of the process: from Pre-production - interviews with directors, creators and operators after the delivery of files to television.

During this process, we do not forget about the visual and technical level of work leaving the company. We work with outstanding artists: colorists, graphic designers, editors, programmers, 2D and 3D animators, choosing them to ensure the best effectiveness of the effect, taking care of it. We are not foreign to larger-scale projects, they require a more complex team. The best solution may be our feature films made in this working model.


Jacek Skrobisz
Jacek Skrobisz

/ CEO & VFX Supervisor /

An experienced operator and VFX supervisor. In the advertising and film industry for over 20 years. As an Artist and Supervisor, he has thousands of advertising projects and dozens of feature films behind him. The list of clients for which he had and has the pleasure to work is long. Advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis, Y&R, Gray or BBDO, production houses, brands such as VW, Toyota, Play, Plus, T-Mobile, Orange, Żywiec, Warka, Tyskie, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Hortex, Sony, HBO, TVN ...

Anna Teleszyńska
Anna Teleszyńska

/ Bookkeeping /

Accountant with many years of experience.

Our Offer

We enable our Clients to comprehensively process video material. From conversion to sending broadcast files to TV stations.

Pre - Production
Image Image

At the time of consultation, reconciliation and testing, and preparation of materials for later use in the field of photography.
It is not always best to do everything in the last phase, sometimes more cost-effective and qualitatively it is to prepare the components of the image in shots, e.g. programs for displaying on the screens of phones, tablets, computers or TV sets.

Online / Compositing
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We implement online on two sets of Nuke Studio - very good services used in large productions. If necessary, we also offer work on Adobe CC.

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We offer material conversion for later processing or reviews. Preparation of materials for offline or color correction - we do everything on site.

Image Image

We offer complicated animation. We have a team that can use miracles in 3D space - we've been working with them for a long time to satisfied customers. If necessary, we can make small animations using Houdini - a very advanced 3D animation program.

Film Editing - Offline
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Depending on your preferences on a set equipped with Avid Media Composer or FinalCutX in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. We work with valued and known editors from both the advertising and feature industry.

Color Correction
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Our color correction kit based on the Davinci Resolve system will successfully cope with any advertising project.
A calibrated Sony OLED monitor faithfully reproduces colors. We work with many recognized colorists who have been in the industry for years.


Feature Film